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ENOVA FOODS S/A was founded based on the association of Agtal and Casadoce, bolstering the philosophy of quality and innovation. We are active in a number of markets, including chocolate powder, peanuts, nuts, paçocas, powdered refreshments, savory treats and desserts, trading under the Agtal, Amendoim Brasil, Deliçoca, Frutim, Glup, Milkin, Mixed Nuts, Promix, Rizzo and Up! brands.

Our goal is to become a major player in all the markets and segments we are part of and to earn recognition through our innovative products, aimed at generating increased value for our clients. We offer a portfolio of products of the highest standard, increasing the scope of service at points of sale with competent teams, aimed at aggressive growth and ensuring consumer, client and supplier satisfaction.

We guarantee that our products are produced with all the care and attention that families deserve and that is why all out products are synonymous with quality, success and acceptance. Those who have tried can confirm. Those who trade our products recognize the competence of our professionals and commercial representatives. Those who sell perceive the value and profitability, along with our company's responsibility and commitment. Those who don't know Enova Foods are in for a surprise.


High quality products that win over the loyalty of consumers; Innovation is the order of the day in adding value to the products we provide.

Brand Archives for Developers
We are pleased to welcome you to Enova Foods. We have assembled a few files for you to use in your projects. You may use the Enova Foods name and logos for anything related to our company, such as marketing material, as long as you closely follow our brand use guidelines. We suggest you contact us for more information and details on application and use.
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